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CMS Training

To provide practical training of the most common features of the CMS including inputting different content types, previewing, checking and changing content before publishing on the internet without having the knowledge of HTML.

  • blackarwWhat a Content Management System (CMS) is:

  • The benefits of using a CMS and
  • How to use a CMS
  • blackarwHow to log on to the CMS

  • blackarwHow to define 'Content Types' and how to add content

  • blackarwUsing Templates to add content to the web site

  • Entering Data into a Template
  • Rich Text
  • Mandatory Data
  • Non Mandatory Data e.g. 'What's New
  • Expiry Dates
  • Incomplete/Complete/Publish
  • blackarwPreparing Content for the web site

  • Previewing
  • Categorization
  • Adding images
  • Adding Keywords
  • Adding Related Content
  • Adding External Links
  • Dublin Core
  • Finish / Unlock
  • blackarwAdding attachments to content

  • Linking the files to the system
  • blackarwAdding links within the content

  • External
  • Internal
  • Email
  • blackarwUnderstanding Workflow

  • Selecting an Editor
  • Attaching comments
  • Editing content on the system
  • Workflow notification
  • Search for content
  • Edit content
  • Publish Content
  • Finish/Unlock
*This CMS training is designed for beginners who have basic knowledge of PHP and it explains about CMS installation, configuration, creating a site, adding content, images, videos, using themes, widgets, plug-ins, publishing the site and beyond. You get to work on a project at Crest techno soft while doing this CMS training.

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