Communication- the HUMAN CONNECTION- Is the key to personal and career success

“The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place”: George Bernard Shaw.

All of us communicate in our own ways; however few individuals can understand what we are actually saying.We all spend at least 12 to 15 hours on communication on a daily basis. Effective communication is an essential element for success in any field, and this is applicable right from our childhood and through our whole life.

Communication is dependably and basically a two-way process in which one person is the sender and they transmit a message to another person, who is the receiver. When the receiver gets the message, they send back a response, acknowledging the message was received. The model looks like this:


I individually believe that picking up good and simple but correct communication skills is just a matter of acknowledging that one needs to progress and then working towards improving these skills by using some simple techniques.

As regards speaking accurately – I am an immense supporter of the method– wherein one can learn to communicate effectively by reading regularly and efficiently. Especially when you are in the phase of enhancing your communication skills, reading aloud is a fantastic way to hone these skills. Reading out is a fabulous approach to sharpen your pronunciation and it also helps in framing correct sentences. It also helps you to concentrate and focus on the language and understand the material better. And when you are reading aloud, you are also in the listening mode!

As per HR pioneer of some multi-national organizations, the main reason for the huge rejection in interviews was inadequate communication skills. The importance and necessity of possessing good communication skills cannot be undermined – and this is true in any field today. Poor communication skills may also result in low confidence and self-esteem.

When one acknowledges and recognizes that he / she needs to develop good communication skills – a little focus and hard work can ensure development of good clear communication. Earnest practice and mindful exercise of use of the language always helps.

As one of my seniors used to say “Good communication is the ladder to success”.

With the right intentions and a sincere approach – life will only change for the better – as they say, great things can happen with one small step in the right direction. It is also extremely important to keep in mind that while correct use of language ensures you communicate better, the manner in which you communicate is equally if not more critical. Communication should be straightforward, open, honest and decent.

Communication skills are skills we can take with us wherever we go in life, and no matter what we do.

“The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality our lives”: Tony Robbins