Here’s what makes your best employee Quit their Job

A Company or enterprise whether big or small is driven by the workforce offered by its comprising members. Hiring a great and efficient team of members is not enough as sustaining that great team takes all the major efforts of the higher authorities. There are sometimes casual changes in the workforce but sometimes the company starts losing their best employees like flies dropping dead. Here are a few reasons that can be predicted in such a case:

Failing to understand their Needs: Most of the employees leave their jobs due to the inefficiency of the managerial staff in understanding and recognizing the needs of their employees. These needs could be the very basic needs or the necessities required for optimum performance.

Not being able to challenge people intellectually: Although it is rare but some competent employees quit their jobs as the company at large fails to bring in challenging tasks and projects which disdains their intellect and talents developed over time.

Monotony: There is always some aspect of monotony in the Companies as the same routine makes it dull and unproductive to work for not one but everyone which is why special events must be organized.

Failing to Honor the Commitments: A Commitment must be regarded as a true and firm promise and failing to acknowledge it as such can deliver a negative impact on the minds of the employees.

Lack of Retaining Policies: A company may have a substantial amount of policies well built and written but the lack of formation of retaining policies and their implementation can also be a cause in leaving of your employees.

Thus, employees must be treated as an asset for the Company and in return, they must oblige to fulfill their duties in the best interest of the Organization.