Hierarchy structure of CTS:

  • Entrepreneur- Entrepreneur is the founder of the Cresttechnosoft. He initiated the company in 2012 with the dream of getting web giant in the world. He innovate the system with his wisdom and good decision making trait. He has good leadership skills and motivate employees in a great manner.

  • Chief Executive Officer- CEO is the person who plays as a intermediate between developers and business team. He is getting instructions from the top management and making future plans and strategies for the company’s growth. He handles the whole company’s production. He takes important decisions for the company for meeting the organisational goals. All the clients are under the supervision of CEO. All the board meetings are done with the CEO and on the behalf of management, he is liable to take important decision making in the company.

  • Business Team- Business developers are the key players for the company. Without them, the business cannot grow.All the work is generated by the business team and sales team by opting various marketing strategies and techniques. They focus on the strategy for the business. They maintain the work ratio as per team strength. The monthly budget is made on the basis of inflow and outflow of the work. They try to produce the work for the designers and developers.

  • Digital marketing and Sales Team- Digital marketing team is dealing in SEO, SMO, SMM, PPC, Google Adsense and Adwords. They are promoting the business with the help of renowned search engine i.e. Google. They also make marketing strategy for the goodwill of the business.

  • Graphic team- Graphic team is just like the face of whatever we are offering to the market. Every client has different taste and preference so it’s quite difficult to satisfy the client’s requirement. Graphic designers understand the need of the clients and give them the exactly same design according to their requirement.

  • Web designers team- Web designers further manage the design and implement it into the first phase of the functionality. The client gets the exact workflow and data structure what we promise. All the design work are controlled in a responsive manner and can be previewed on desktop, tablets and mobile devices..