How to Fix WooCommerce Old Template Files?

WooCommerce is a widely utilized WordPress plugin for Ecommerce websites. WooCommerce insightfully deals with each WordPress procedure. For the most part, with each new major and minor releases or upgrade of wordpress plugins like WooCommerce version, we need to update its templates files with default templates. To maintain security, no modification is recommended to any WordPress core and plugin file. Sometimes we override some frequently used themes files. Also, in WooCommerce we used to create a folder and paste old or outdated templates files here to override it.

So, we may get an error demonstrating that “theme contains outdated or old WooCommerce template files and need to be updated for being compatible with the current WooCommerce version”.

Here, the reason of Error is just due to overriding some template files during working. We generally update new version releases of WooCommerce but the old template files placed in our previous old themes still override the content of old version.

How to update and fix WooCommerce old template files?

First, we need to find out what template files needs to be updated?

The most convenient steps to check the version of template files are shown as:

• Open WooCommerce -> templates -> {template name} and then compare the version number to the version number in overridden file located in your theme.

• Go to: your-theme -> WooCommerce -> {template name}. Here, if you find a different version number for template, then update that template.

Then create old templates backup and also restore customization if any as shown in following steps:

1. Open: WooCommerce > System Status. Scroll down to the end of page where to find overridden templates list by your old theme with a warning message that required to be updated.

2. Go to: wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/[path-to-the-template] and Copy the default template then paste it in theme folder: wp-content/themes/[path-to-theme]

3. Save old/outdated template files Backup.

4. Using a suitable text editor, Open template pasted in the theme folder and update your new template files with the changes.

Despite the fact that the above procedure might be a bit tedious to do, hopefully it would better guide you how to update your theme to work with new version of WooCommerce.