How to get clients for new web development business

Working as a freelance website developer or designer is not that easy at the initial stage. The work might not be a problem but finding new web design clients is another issue. It is difficult to maintain the consistency of a good number of clients to maintain your income level.

To get the new clients for your website design and development business follow these practices first.

1. Set the basics in order

In the beginning, you need a live website quickly on a serious note. Create a website and place your logo and phone number in the header to get notified by your clients easily. Just prefer something that looks good, that will establish some credibility when a potential client takes a look. Create a minimum number of pages –
* Home
* Contact
* Services
* About
* And later on, you can add portfolio
Use simple and interactive content which a user can understand. Also, Make your business profiles on all the social media accounts.

2. Focus on your work

Firstly, Make some projects at affordable prices for your clients. You must have knowledge of new technologies and methods. Do your best and give proper replies to your clients. Make a strong client base, who tell other people about you.

3.  Maximize Referrals

Include projects completed by you in your portfolio, and also ask for referrals from your good clients. Create a set of business cards, give them to others so that they can share on your behalf. Maximize your network by promoting it on various social media platforms.

4. Freelance Marketplace

Online networking and the freelance marketplace is a good place to create a stream of clients. It is good to do your homework and find one that fits the type of work you want to do. You should look for a freelance marketplace that’s based on actual contact and payment system.

Here are some of the most popular freelance marketplaces :

* Upwork
* Toptal
* Gigster
* Freelance
* Guru
* PeoplePerHour
* IFreelance

5. Connect with local agencies

There are some web design and advertising agencies that need help with the tier of the workload. Agencies hire web designers on a contract basis for the help of projects. By taking this action the agency will become your client automatically.

Conclusion – You can get new clients through the freelance marketplace and advertising. Keep doing hard work and be patient. Also, Keep developing new web design skills as you grow and find new clients.