Importance of SSL certificates for SEO Websites

SSL certificate is Secure Socket Layer which encrypts the data and ensures that it will stay secure while transferring on the internet. SSL protects all types of data and information like credit cards or email addresses. This certificate protects your information and data details. It ensures that the data that is exchanged between a web browser and the server is confidential. Also, lets users know that their data is secure from the hackers and remains confidential. This will build people’s trust in your website. It also improves website visibility and affects the website’s ranking.

Why SSL certificate is important for the SEO Ranking?

SSL will secure your communications but if you want to increase your ranking then you have to take any other steps. Google provides confirmation and other search engine ranking parameters. SSL certificate on your website acts as a symbol of trust to your users. The SSL is a symbol of security and authentication lets your users know that you are who you say you are, and the data will be secure. If you want to get the highest rank on the search engines then you have to work on all the other aspects of Search Engine Optimisation. Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing detects the presence of an SSL certificate as a ranking factor. It means that your website must be secure if you want to rank on top of Search Engine Result Pages.

What improves SEO?

The most important point is what improves SEO. We have already discussed that SSL certificates build the trust of users. The better user experience improves the SEO rankings. Google Chrome also warns its user when they are on a site with no certification. If Google warns that the site is not secure then people will not come to your website. No one will share the information on a website which is not safe. This will also affect the ranking on SERP’s. Let us assume that a user visits your website through an organic search by a related keyword. But Google warns that the website is not secure. After this, the user will definitely leave the site. If this will happen repeatedly then your site’s ranking on SERP’s will go down automatically.

The SSL certificate is important for your SEO website because it provides a layer of security to your visitors. They will not hesitate while sharing their information and buying products from you. Recently Google has hinted that the websites with HTTPS will get the minor boost in the search engine rankings. So it is important to buy the SSL before your competitors purchase it. If you really want to improve the SEO of your website then keep on updating the content of your website.