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Introduction to PHP

PHP is the most popular programming language over the world and there are thousands of job opportunities for PHP developers in Tricity. Crest Techno Soft is offering six months PHP training to the students who have basic communication skills, knowledge of computer and ability to write/speak in English.

Basic Structure of ourSIX MONTHS PHPtraining provided at Crest Techno Soft :


  • The Origin of PHP
  • PHP is better than its alternatives
  • Interfaces to External systems
  • How PHP works with the Web Server
  • Hardware and Software requirements
  • What a PHP script looks like
  • Saving data for later
  • Receiving user input Repeating code

02.Introduction to SQL

  • Connecting to the MYSQL

  • Selecting a database

  • Finding out about errors

  • Adding data to a table

  • Acquiring the value

  • Finding the number of rows

  • Inserting data

  • Entering and updating data

  • Executing multiple queries

03.Basic PHP Development

  • How PHP scripts work

  • Basic PHP syntax

  • PHP data types

  • Displaying type information

  • Testing for a specific data type

  • Changing type with Set type

  • Operators

  • Variable manipulation

  • Dynamic variables

  • String in PHP


04.Word press (Content Management System)

  • Detail discussion of component, module and complete workflow of wordpress

  • How to create widget & module

  • Customization of existing component and modules

*If you are interested in building your career as a PHP developer then you can join our SIX months PHP training course today by making a call @ + 38y2222220 or by visiting our

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