Major reasons to select WordPress Platform to develop business websites

WordPress is an open source web development platform which allows Web Developers to design a dynamic website. WordPress is widely used to develop business websites from startups to well established. Some of the World’s biggest brands like MTV, Microsoft, Vogue and many more have designed their websites on the WordPress platform. You can promote your content on WordPress websites. To design and develop a website on WordPress, you need less technical and coding knowledge. You can hire a WordPress developer or a WordPress development company to design and develop a WordPress website. Here are some major reasons you should select WordPress for designing and developing websites.

1. Open Source

Wordpress is an open source for developing and designing websites. It is extremely cost-effective and easy to use. You can download it free. You just need to pay for domain and hosting. There is no need to pay for a license to customize your site. WordPress doesn’t belong to any particular person so you can share the updates and changes by the community. As it is an Open Source, the code is easily available for developing a new website.

2. Themes and Plugins

WordPress provides a large number of themes and plugins for developing business websites. This makes it easier for website designers and developers to create a unique and beautiful website easily. Some of the WordPress plugins are paid and some are free. These plugins help you to extend the functionality of your website, automate different SEO activities, prevent online security threats and complete the web development projects quickly.

3. Responsive Design

Responsive design is referred to the design which makes it work on all kind of devices.WordPress allows web designers and developers to build a custom theme. As mobile phones are the primary drivers for digital media growth, it is important to select a theme which is suitable for all kind of devices. WordPress provides a wide number of free and premium responsive themes. There are many themes which are not responsive so pick your theme wisely.

4. Scalable features

Wordpress allows you to run multiple websites from one admin page. It allows you to expand your business without taking help from WordPress web developers and designers. WordPress can easily expand your business. Scalability helps you to make your website more robust and powerful.

5. Search Engine Optimization

WordPress provides SEO plugins to make your website SEO friendly. Whenever there is a core update in Google’s Algorithm, even the most experienced SEO professionals get troubled. Basically, WordPress is SEO friendly. SEO plugins make it easy to embed the right meta headings, descriptions and optimizes the websites. This helps your website to get high rank on search engine result pages.

6. Increase Security

WordPress website protects your website from hackers and keeps showing you new updates. You can design and develop a WordPress even without having technical knowledge without getting involved in complicated coding practices. You can post your content on the WordPress websites and automate your post publications.

7. User-Friendly Interface

WordPress CMS has a user-friendly interface that allows you to manage your website easily from the admin panel. You can add the new posts, pages, and files easily to your website by just a few clicks. Also, it provides you the ability to assign separate roles for users working on the same website.