The Client Brief

KPS Institute, strive to be a Mentor, a Motivator and a Maneuverer to their students. Their goal is not just to merely teach the students but to coach them for their journey towards achieving their aim and thereafter become successful civil servants. They provide all – inclusive and target – oriented guidance programmes that have been specially designed towards developing a ‘learning mind-set’ of the students.

Our Solution

Cresttechnosoft has helped KPS to build an online presence to outreach enormous amount of students in the whole country. We developed an online portal for students by virtue of which KPS can conduct online test series, practice sessions, discusions and video sessions. There are forums, where students can come together and clear there doubts. With the new interactive teaching and learning process, KPS totally rises up above its competition.

The Result

All students are very much moved by the interactive learning method KPS conducts. The students love the video sessions, as it allows them to understand a lecture whenever and from wherever in the world. The amount of students have enormously escalated after the their portal went online. We give KPS best regards for its future endeavors.

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