Tips for Instagram marketing to grow your business

Nowadays social media platforms providing an alternative for the veterans and small Businesses to grow their business online. Social media’s are a genuine way to increase organic traffic on the website and to outreach an enormous number of audience. Most of the business entrepreneur prefers digital marking services and social media marketing services to generate traffic on their website. The most used social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Every social media platform have some successful marketing strategies.

Here we are gonna talk about Instagram marketing strategies to grow your business tremendously.

1. Create An Instagram Business Account.

Instagram just started to roll out business profiles, create an Instagram business account or if you already have an account then convert it into a business profile. Just go to Settings and select Switch to Business Profile. It just paints an image of your professionalism and gives out the impression of your business in front of your users. These accounts provide a contact option which allows users to call, email or text.

Along with the contact option, you can also access insight, that is a free Instagram analytics tool. This will provide you an impression and engagement data. Here you can look at the information to better understand your audience. Moreover, you can also create and publish Instagram Ads with the help of Facebook’s advertising tools.

2. Cross promote your account on other Social media platforms.

If you want to gain new Instagram followers that already love your brand then post across all over your other social media profiles like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. Invite your followers to like your Instagram profile. There are many people who move away from a certain social media platform and some aren’t as active on some than they are on other networks. But keep promoting your account to get genuine followers.

3. Make a post calendar.

Post relevant content on your account. Understand your audience and don’t post frequently because this can force your followers to unfollow you. Upload at least one post daily. Schedule your post or make a chart for uploading posts on Instagram. After some time you will get to know about your engagements and when you get traffic.

4. Add link in your Instagram stories.

Previously on Instagram, there is a feature where only verified account holders can add their link in bio. But now you can add a link in your account and Instagram stories.

To add a link in your story, upload an image or video then tap the link icon at the top of the screen. Type your link and do a quick preview to check all is doing well. This option will quickly turn the traffic to your website.

5. Select the correct hashtags.

Pick the best hashtags for your Instagram posts. Use trending and long hashtags to connect with your targeted audience. Also, use a fewer number of hashtags. Most of the brands use around 7 hashtags.

6. Make live video session.

Frequently make the live session on Instagram to stay connected with your followers. This will help you to get to know about their feedback and you can also tell them about your goods and services. Reply to your followers and interact with them. Appreciate those who like your posts and repost others post who mentions you.

7. Add call to action.

The most important thing is to add a call to action on your Instagram profile. Business profiles have a feature where users can easily call you or text you by just a click.

Conclusion – Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to increase leads and generate traffic in your business. Create an Instagram account and take advantage of its features to grow your business rapidly.