Wordpress Training


Introduction To WordPress

01.Getting Started with WordPress

  • What is WordPress and its advantages

  • Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting

  • Difference between Self Hosting and Free Cloud Hosting

  • Downloading and Uploading WordPress to your host

  • Installing WordPress with the 5 minutes install

  • Installing WordPress manually


02.Setting Up WordPress

  • Logging in WordPress admin area

  • Familiarise with the WordPress Dashboard

  • Editing the user profile

  • Configuring the Dashboard settings

03.Adding the right content to your WordPress site

  • About posts and pages

  • Difference between pages and posts

  • Creating pages

  • Organising page hierarchy

  • Creating a static front page


04.Blogging with WordPress

  • Creating posts

  • Text formatting in a new post

  • Creating and managing links

  • Adding images, Youtube Videos and Audios

  • Adding an image gallery

  • Adding post categories, tags and other elements

05.Customising WordPress

  • Installing and activating themes

  • Exploring the themes option

  • Installing plugins and using them

  • Info about various widgets and working with them

  • Setting up custom background and header images

  • Creating custom menus and custom widgets


06.Launching Your WordPress Site and After

  • Submitting the site to search engines

  • Managing WordPress users and permission levels

  • Managing comments and controlling spam

  • Backing up a WordPress site

  • Restoring a WordPress site from crash

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • Adding social media options like facebook, twitter and many more.